Professional Pruning Services

Our Tulsa tree pruning team will professionally and affordably remove problem limbs, thin, shape or remove the entire tree. We have a staff of professional arborists that perform tree care in the Tulsa Metro area. Our Arbor Aides have been educated on how to properly trim and maintain a wide variety of tree species and avoid performing practices that are detrimental, such as Tree-Topping or Hat-Racking, which leads to diseases, pests, increased tree litter and eventually an early death of the butchered tree.

Arbor Aide employs a team of ISA Certified Arborists who are expertly trained to prune tree limbs in a way that promotes vigorous growth and reinforces strength and stability, while creating an aesthetically pleasing shape without bark stripping or disease introduction from tools used on diseased trees. We continually strive to provide safety for all persons involved in the pruning and trimming process and ensure that you and your personal property is protected from falling limbs and debris while completing the trimming or removal as quickly as possible.

Our Arborists utilize specialized equipment to safely harness themselves to keep them out of harm’s way while giving them the ability to reach the areas requiring removal. Don’t risk your own safety!! Call Arbor Aide for the following services:

  • Tree removal
  • Canopy reduction
  • Remove limbs hanging over home or property
  • Removal of dead/dying limbs & branches
  • Power line trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Shaping
  • Thinning

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Discover the difference a certified Tulsa Arborist can make to the health and vigor of your tree. When you hire Arbor Aide Services, you get more than just a tree trimmer, you’ll get an educated professional that cares.

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