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Making the right decision on what type of tree you should plant can be a challenge for those who may not understand the growth and maintenance needs of the tree(s) they are considering. We offer Tulsa Metro tree consulting services for homeowners and businesses that are contemplating adding trees to enhance their current landscaping or for completely new landscaping projects.

An uninformed decision may lead to a preventable dilemma that could result in needless expenses such as tree removal in addition to stump grinding to eliminate the leftover trunk and root system. As part our tree service offerings, we provide tree consulting in the Tulsa Metro area for anyone wishing to make a well informed choice based on the tree’s specific requirements as well as your own desires.

Our ISA Certified Arborist will consult with you to assess your preferred features for the tree, such growth potential, shape, purpose, location(s), color, care requirements and more. Utilizing our vast knowledge of tree species, we match your desires concerning the tree’s growth habits as well as the tree’s own attributes and then we provide you with a list of suggestions for you to choose from.

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Let our ISA certified arborists help you make the best selection for your landscaping project. When you choose Arbor Aide Services, you get more than just a Consultant; you’ll get an expert professional dedicated to giving you a positive experience!

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