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Occasionally, healthy trees can develop a disease or a sickness that requires special attention to help restore the affected tree’s compromised health and vigor. As part of our Tulsa tree services, we provide professional aide for trees suffering from mineral deficiencies such as Iron Chlorosis, insect invasions on the foliage, bark or internally, as well as common fungus issues and Tree diseases that are frequently seen in the Tulsa Metro area. Our Arbor Aids can apply life saving treatments that could help rescue your sick tree and restore its health if the disease is identified and treated in time.

Being ISA Certified Arborists, we have the understanding and experience to properly diagnose your sick tree. Our Arbor Aides have years of training and education in diagnosing and treating a variety of arbor diseases and other ailments that may be preventing robust growth from the roots to the tips. We apply products such as Nature’s Pro for nutritive deficiencies associated with poor soil conditions, as well as Arborjet and Mauget tree injection products for pest control and nutritional supplementation.

After your tree has been treated, we will share all information regarding your tree’s crisis and the steps taken to remedy the ailment so you can avoid reoccurrences of the disease in the future. Let our team of Arborists rescue instead of remove your timber family member. Call Arbor Aide for these common tree problems in the Tulsa Metro region:

 Nancy S. of Mannford, OK - This Deodora cedar was nearly uprooted due to the weight of the tree itself, and a poor root structure. Arbor Aide was able to save this tree from being removed. The project included staking and bracing, with root excavation, and mulching to retain moisture all necessary to establish a healthy vigorous root system. 2/20/16 - 5/30/16
Reminder, when staking and bracing a tree, one should always monitor the tree and remove the braces as soon as the individual has established a strong root system. 
  • Oak Hypoxylon Canker Fungus
  • Mineral Deficiencies
  • Anthracnose Fungi
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Sooty Mildew
  • Insect attack

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