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Since 2013, Arbor Aide has served our community with the best in Tulsa tree care, Arbor consultation services and tree disease care. In addition to tree pruning, tree trimming and tree removal, our talented team of dedicated and hard working arborists has experience in forest conservation, disease identification, pest eradication, fire prevention techniques, orchard and pecan maintenance, soil amendment practices and much more.

Our company is Firewise Certified through the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), which we utilize to create a safer environment around your home to help protect it against the threat of wildfire. In addition to our NFPA Firewise certification, our staff has an impressive educational background in forestry service and several years of experience in urban tree care and maintenance. This makes us unique compared to other local tree care providers that may lack comparative educational credentials and certifications as well as the knowledge required to treat and care for ailing trees.

We believe that the best solution to every arbor issue should meet your needs as well as that of the trees. Our company’s mission is to provide affordable, professional tree care while bestowing our customers with the knowledge on proper care techniques. As avid tree enthusiasts, we prefer to teach you how to identify and monitor your trees for continued maintenance.

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Let our ISA Certified Arborists tend to the needs of your trees. When you utilize Arbor Aide Services, you’ll get more than just a tree trimmer, you’ll get passionate tree care specialists dedicated to improving the overall health and development of your trees.

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